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abiRiver Consulting

simplifying your next chapter

​abi /ah-bi riv·er/ˈrivər/: moving/carrying you home

Now serving Fargo/Moorhead, Otter Tail County, Becker County and surrounding communities.
Coming soon to Grand Forks and Bismarck!

Downsizing Services | Move Management | Real Estate

abiRiver Consulting was born mid-pandemic with the purpose of guiding our clients through the decision-making that comes with major life changes.

You might be retiring, moving into senior living, downsizing, relocating or just needing to take back your space in your current home.

Think of us as your general contractor for your next chapter. We coordinate all the necessary services you need and even provide flexible financing options, including paying for services at the time of closing if you are selling a home. 

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Sorting | Organizing | Decluttering

At your first consultation, we walk through your home and establish a timeline and services that matter the most to you to accomplish each project. Don't worry about cleaning or decluttering before we arrive, seeing how you prioritize and organize gives us the most information on how to best help you.

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