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Downsizing your home

Sorting | Organizing | Decluttering

Downsizing might mean sorting through closets to decide what to donate or keep, it might be helping you reorganize your house so it makes sense for you. Or we might help you declutter before a move. This can save 30% or more in moving costs and supplies!

How it works

At your first consultation, we walk through your home and establish a timeline and services that matter the most to you to accomplish each project. Don't worry about cleaning or decluttering before we arrive. Seeing how you prioritize and organize gives us the most information on how to best help you.

We come in with compassion and understanding that sometimes life gets overwhelming, and our homes are no longer a representation of who we are or who we want to be.


That is why we are here to help!

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What we do

  • Sort, organize and declutter

  • Help design spaces for better use

  • Assess health and safety concerns for aging in place

  • Take items to donate for you

  • Coordinate contractors for fixes or updates, or even to hang additional shelves etc

  • Arrange for estate sales or clean outs after a move

We do NOT

  • Dump everything in the landfill

  • Pressure clients to let go of things they aren't ready to give up

  • Donate or throw anything the client has not discussed with us

Ready for your free consult?

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