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Home Goods Management

As your "next chapter" general contractor, there is nothing we can't figure out for you. Especially if you aren't sure exactly what sort of help you need. That's where our free consult is the most important meeting you'll have before your next move.

What we do - Otto's Story

Otto called us when unexpectedly his beloved wife, Eleanor, was moved to a high level of care. The responsibility of managing their home and being close to Eleanor at the same time became an overwhelming challenge for Otto.


Surrounded by memories, furniture, and a lifetime of possessions, he felt trapped in a maze of decisions that needed to be made. Otto estimated it would take at least two years to downsize and move into a unit closer to his wife.

To help, Otto reached out to us. From the start we listened to Otto's concerns, understanding the urgency and emotional toll he was under. We then carefully talked him through various options and timelines, ultimately presenting a plan that would expedite the process and alleviate the burden on his shoulders.

But, life doesn't always go to plan. Just two days after that initial call, Otto signed a lease for a unit close to Eleanor's care facility. So we changed our plans and worked diligently to clear out his home, organizing an estate sale that not only covered all moving expenses but also provided Otto with some extra funds. Within a week, his home was under contract, and the pieces were falling into place faster than Otto had ever imagined.


Our reward was when we were told that Otto found himself transitioning from a state of constant stress to a place of newfound peace. With the logistical aspects of his life sorted out, he was finally able to focus on what mattered most – spending quality time with his wife. The burden of overwhelming responsibilities lifted, and Otto could once again enjoy life and appreciate the moments he shared with Eleanor.



We have a resource list that includes:

  • Junk Removal

  • Estate Sales

  • Knowing what to do when left with an estate

  • Clearing out storage units

  • Relocating or transitioning to senior living

  • Helping a family member make decisions

  • Understanding trusts, guardianships or other legal concerns with an estate. 

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