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Move Management

Packing | Moving | Resettling

The first steps to planning a move can feel overwhelming. We will help you plan your move, coordinate with movers, real estate agents or other important factors, and keep everything on track so you are not juggling anything.

How it works

if you are wondering what you need to do first, giving us a call is at the top of your list.

We can get started even if your home isn't listed or under contract yet. We begin with creating a plan for your move to make it as stress free as possible. You don't need a moving date scheduled, we can  help with that!

We schedule an organizing day, packing days, we help you decide what stays or goes, what is important to keep track of. We coordinate movers, cleaners, closing day and final walk throughs. 

If the idea of showing your home is stressful, we can pack and move you to your next home and list your house after you've finished moving out. This makes room for estate sales, or fixes and updated to your home before selling. 

We manage all the moving parts so you don't have to. We're taking the worrying off your plate!


What we do

  • Packing services for your move

  • Unpacking or Resettling after the move, including removing boxes or hanging photos

  • Organizing prior to packing to downsize and declutter

  • Furniture layout planning so you know exactly what will fit in your next home

  • Moving day: scheduling movers, overseeing loading and unloading, coordinating where furniture and boxes are unloaded

  • Estate clean outs, removing left over furniture, debris, garbage or items to donate after a move

  • Cleaning prior to final walk through, closing or handing keys off to the next occupant

Our services can be wrapped into a single invoice and paid in one bill or at the closing of the home you are selling. 

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