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Therese Johnson, Owner

abiRiver Consulting (ah-be River)

From Therese's Anishinaabe heritage, abi is an Ojibwe word meaning "to be home" or "s/he is home" and river signifies movement and change. As a business that deals with change and the process of moving (which can be rocky at times) we felt our name "abiRiver" was a snapshot of our purpose: bringing our clients home. 

abiRiver Consulting was born with the purpose of guiding our clients through the decision-making that comes with major life changes. Some might be retiring, moving into senior living, downsizing, relocating or just needing to take back their space in their current home. Many of our clients have been trying to organize, pack and clean on their own but have been too embarrassed or exhausted to ask for help sooner. We all hold secrets in our home, and it might be as simple as years of junk mail and dust, it might be love letters, hidden vices, inert war trophies or boxes and boxes of unopened Christmas décor. We all hesitate to let people see our secretly packed closets and mismatched Tupperware collections.

The relief clients experience when we come in and assure them that we’ve seen it all and we can help is the exact response we aim for with every client. We are here to curate a plan, ensemble the necessary team to complete your move or project and wrap it all into one service. This means you’re potentially only paying one person to complete the whole project. Think of us as your general contractor for your next move.

abiRiver Consulting builds a timeline with clients to transition at their own pace, it might be months or years before they need to move. Our goal for our clients is to maintain control over the decision-making before a life changing event pushes for those decisions. We are answering questions like:

“Where do I start?”

“What do we do with our Chinaware and wedding crystal?”

“What do I do with the bomb in my garage?”

“How do we get rid of everything my kids won’t take?”

The services we provide include packing, moving, cleaning and buying & selling real estate but can incorporate many other services like estate sales, donating to nonprofits or taking estate inventory. Calling the bomb squad to make sure we could close on a house is easily one of our favorite accommodations we have been able to provide. It would be hard to stump or rattle us. With a combined background in social work, healthcare and emergency medicine, we bring with the skills that keep us on our feet and thinking outside the box as well as empathy and client advocacy.

We provide a support system for our clients and their families that goes beyond a simple service. We are supporting what is in our client’s best interest, we sit with grieving widows, we listen to stories of love and travel. We bring acknowledgement to memories brought to the surface by coming into a home, and a safe space to process change. 

This process looks different for every client, so we encourage clients not to hesitate reaching out and talking with us if they are feeling at all overwhelmed or confused about how to take their next steps in a move, life change or transition to a new space. 

How can abiRiver simplify things for you or a loved one?

Do you or a parent need to relocate to retire, transitioning to senior living or are you stepping in for a family member who has an estate to clean out? Call abiRiver Consulting for more information or to schedule a free consult: 701-430-9209


abiRiver Consulting aims to serve our local community with compassion, empathy and sincerity.


Therese Johnson, REALTOR®, Owner

abiRiver Consulting | |

Licensed agent at Dakota Plains Realty

5302 51st Ave S, Suite B | Fargo ND 

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