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Downsizing and Upgrading

Downsizing isn't about taking away, its about gaining freedom.

The worry of how to afford a home that will meet all your needs can be concerning when you start wondering how to navigate home maintenance, stairs, and other inconveniences in your current home.

New construction prices have might it difficult to plan ahead to your next move when independence and ownership are still a priority.

Would you build your dream home even if it cost twice as much as your current home but you didn't have to pay a mortgage?

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How does it work - Judi's Story

Judi found herself standing at the crossroads of life, grappling with the recent loss of her husband. The home where they had raised their family had become a place too filled with memories, too heavy with the absence of a loved one. In an effort to move forward, Judi had lined up an apartment to begin a new chapter.

As she navigated the complexities of this transition, investors began reaching out to Judi, offering to buy her home for cash. Uncertain about her financial situation after her husband's passing, Judi was at a loss on the best course of action.


That's where we came in to help. Our goal was to advocate for Judi and ensure she had all the necessary information to make informed decisions.


We presented Judi with options, one of which included listing her home on the market. The unique aspect of their proposal was that all moving expenses would be covered at the closing. This provided Judi not only with a comprehensive solution but also with the time and support she needed to navigate the emotional journey of packing and moving.

Despite the assistance with packing, moving logistics, and the sale of items in her home, Judi discovered that the market listing offered her the opportunity to make thousands more than if she had accepted a cash offer from the investors. This financial insight allowed her to prioritize her needs, giving her space and resources to process her grief and reminisce about the love story she and her husband had shared.

Even More Options:

Predatory Reverse Mortgages are a thing of the past. Today they are FHA backed which means there is a mortgage insurance to prevent being "upside down" on a home. 

For home buyers 62+, there is a mortgage option that gives you flexibility with your next mortgage.

With 50-60% down, you could:

  • be mortgage free

  • have an emergency line of credit

  • pay for in home care or updates

  • and more!

For example: if you sold your current home for $250,000 you could qualify for a $400,000-$500,00 mortgage with any of these benefits. 

We can connect you with the right lender to go through all the terms and condition to qualify.

Your heirs will not be responsible for any debts.

You can continue to "age in place" and maintain your independence in a home of your own for years to come. 

You can potentially build your dream home and not pay a mortgage. 

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What's Next?

Contact us today to find out how you can actually UPGRADE your home to enjoy for years to come!

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