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Past Client Experiences

Every client we have worked with has been unsure of what kind of help to ask for. It has been a variety of experiences and services we've provided for clients and we want to show you no matter how unique your situation might be, we have a solution for you!

Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Client: B

Services: Moving, Unpacking, Estate Sale, Real Estate

B called us and told us he was given our number and wasn't really sure what we do or why he needed to call. We hear him tell us he's living alone, and would like to move into the senior living facility his wife has been moved in to. However, after 20 years in their home, he was overwhelmed with how much "stuff" they had, and he figured he had months of work ahead of him.

We scheduled a meeting with B and explained to him that not only could we help him schedule the movers, we could assist him with packing, and unpacking at his new apartment, he could take what he wanted and didn't have to worry about anything else he was leaving behind that he no longer needed. We would not only sell the rest of the estate for him, after his kids had taken what they could, but we could list and sell his house. In fact, it would take 45-60 days to close on his house meaning he wouldn't be rushed to move out of his home if a buyer came along. So, he just needed to let us know how we can help, and we'll simplify the whole process for him.

B ended our consult saying he had quite a bit to think about. He called back the next day, said he was ready to list, to sign the lease on his new apartment and move by the end of the month.

We  had his house listed and under contract within a week, and we had his movers scheduled and he was moved into his apartment within a couple weeks. He was previously losing sleep over the next stage in his life but now he was able to have lunch with his wife, run errands and spend time with friends in his new community.

On moving day, B left for the day while we took care of the movers, last minute packing and unpacking and even making his bed at the new apartment. When he returned at the end of the day to his new home, he didn't have anything left to do but relax! 

Client: N

Services: Moving, Estate Sale, Real Estate

Cozy Winter

N reached out after feeling a bit overwhelmed and initially thought she needed help packing, but when we arrived, she had most of it done already. She had recently and unexpectedly lost her spouse. After raising a family here for 40 years, she no longer felt it was home anymore. She needed assistance finding a new place to live, help with the move due to health issues, and to eventually sell her house.

Because she had worked so hard on decluttering and sorting her home already, there wasn't much for us to do as far as organizing and packing. So, we started working on finding senior living or 55+ apartments.

N found an apartment with a move in date of a couple months away. This gave us time to help her plan what furniture she could fit into her new apartment and what could be sold. We helped her deliver items to the thrift store, as well as sell household items and appliances. She told us she might have a buyer interested in her home. An investor had stopped by and offer her $70k for her home and she was strongly considering it. We weighed our options and decided to list the house on the market, because she had some time and if she didn't get an acceptable offer, we'd move forward with the investor. By listing it on the market and finding a new cash buyer, we were able to net her an additional $50k, and the services we provided her were paid on closing day.


N never felt rushed or pushed throughout the process and appreciated how much support she received along the way while she grieved and adjusted to her next chapter.

Bedside Flowers

Client: G

Services: Estate Clean Out

G reached out to us on behalf of an estate. The client had already been moved to a nursing home and the family wasn't sure where to start, as the home had been vacant for a long time and needed additional cleaning.

The home was filled with decades of memories and it needed to be sold so there was a lot of work to do. We gathered a crew and started working. Throughout this cleaning we found things like irreplaceable family photos from the 1800's, along with other sentimental items tucked away. We found treasured items carefully stored for safekeeping like love letters, mother's day cards, and birth announcements. We started a box to return to the family and one box turned into two boxes, and then a third.


Not every sentimental item could be kept, sold or donated. It was unfortunate how many things had to be thrown away due to the condition of the home. But we were grateful to be able to save some very important things from the landfill and return it to the family.

It was a great reminder that the sooner we can come in and help with an estate, the greater success we have!

Client: C

Organizing, Downsizing, Moving

White Nightstand

Client C had reached out to us after a disappointing experience with another company. She didn't feel as though they wanted to be there helping her, and so she hoped for more support because she was feeling stressed about her upcoming move and not being prepared.

C had decades of treasures and memories in her home from years of hobbies and traveling. She needed additional time going through some things to relive the memory and cherish that period in her life.

We never push a client to make rushed decisions or get rid of items so C was able to trust us and lean on us for advice. We often left our appointments with "homework" for C to do in between our appointments so she could continue to see progress in her home without being charged for the extra time she needed to process the change.

We would stop by to pick up loads of boxes to donate, or to move to her new home. We measured and provided a layout for her new home so she could make decisions on what she could fit in the move. We also gave her the option of just leaving the last of the items she needed sorted for donating, selling or throwing away for us to take care of so she could focus on settling into her new home.

We worked with her timeline throughout the whole process and were able to take on a lot of the decision making that was causing her the most stress throughout the process.


C is a current and ongoing client as she reaches out for help organizing her new home, sorting through storage units and making progress on additional downsizing while she continues finding items she is comfortable rehoming as she settles in.

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