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Should you wait?

We often hear in this line of work: “I should have called you months ago.”

Life comes at us fast and can force us to pivot quickly. A couple scenarios can be you or a parent that needs to move to a higher level of care facility, a big move you weren’t expecting due to a job promotion, or even an office relocation that you just don’t have time to coordinate.

Usually the first thoughts that come to one's mind when faced with a big change:

  • I don’t know where to start

  • I am too busy for this or don’t have the energy

  • There are so many things to sort, donate, trash

  • How much time will this take

That can also be accompanied by some complicated emotions:

Frustration and overwhelming feeling of tackling the sorting, cleaning, packing or donating that needs to be done

Guilt for wishing there was someone else who would handle it or personal guilt for “letting it get this bad”

Grief if there is a parent or yourself transitioning out of a home that they have lived in for years

Embarrassment if you feel the condition of the home is subpar

These thoughts and emotions while processing a big change are completely okay. It is ok to feel frustrated with the tasks before you and overwhelmed with how to accomplish them. It is also ok to grieve the changes that are coming, often quickly, especially if you are suddenly taking care of a parent and their accumulation of items. Embarrassment may also come in if you feel the state of the home isn’t what it should be, and we are here to tell you, that is ok too.

When you call us we will first tell you to take a breath. We are here to help. We want to be that resource to streamline what to do next and how to accomplish it. We will coordinate any services you may need so you can focus on the things that matter to you.

At the first meeting, our goal is to get a good idea of what your needs are. A couple of questions we may ask:

  1. Do you have a timeline

  2. Do you have an end destination set up or do you need assistance with that

  3. What items do you know you are taking vs items you aren’t sure yet

  4. Are there any family members that will be involved to help

Once we establish the exact need and the timeframe to get it accomplished, then the fun begins! Every scenario is different and we have resources to tackle it all. One person may only need help decluttering so they can age in place. Another may need a few necessities brought to their new place and the rest of the items donated/sold/thrown that they don’t need. Another may have some valuable items to sell and need help coordinating that. The team also has 2 licensed real estate agents that will facilitate the sale of your home if so needed.

So please, don’t wait months to reach out for help. There is a company here for you that can do all the things you need done and quicker than you thought was possible. Call for a free consultation.

abiRiver Consulting- Simplifying your next chapter!

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