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Move Management

Packing | Moving | Resettling

Move Management

Moving Day can be one of the most stressful days of a transition.

abiRiver offers services that include packing, organizing, furniture layout planning, move management (scheduling movers, overseeing loading and unloading), and even unpacking.

If you are downsizing, it is advised that you start with organizing and layout planning prior to packing. We can eliminate up to 30% of supplies used and take up much needed storage space with planning ahead. We help identify duplicate items, measuring current furniture and virtually arranging it in the new floorplan, and planning for what needs to be stored long term. We help create a moving day plan and coordinate with closings, senior living centers, and movers in order to have a seamless move in day.

Clients don't even have to take the day off work for moving day, we will even unpack and help settle clients into their new home!

It isn't too early to start planning a moving day. The earlier you schedule your consultation, even if your home isn't listed or under contract yet, we can begin creating a plan for your next move to make it as stress free as possible!

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