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I live out of state and my parents/grandparents need to move. Can you help?

We pride ourselves in being client advocates and being a support system for the whole family. It can be difficult to coordinate from far away so we step in to help accomplish goals like: finding housing options, planning the move, packing, coordinating moving day, unpacking and settling the client in, cleaning out homes, coordinating estate sales, preparing to list and sell properties and more.

Sometimes you only need one or two services to help take the stress out of the move, or you need it all. We strongly encourage clients and their families to call us early on in the planning process, because these can be very stressful moves when clients feel pressed for time.

I don't live in Fargo, can I still hire you?

Currently we serve the Fargo/Moorhead Metro, Detroit Lakes and Fergus Falls greater areas, including the lakes area in Becker, Otter Tail County and surrounding counties. Depending on the services, we may charge mileage beyond 20 miles from Fargo or Fergus Falls and we can accommodate overnight traveling if necessary. There are similar services to ours in other states, so there are times we may need another company to take care of packing or unpacking on their end and we can do the other half on our end.

We can also connect you with trusted REALTORS® in other states if you are thinking of buying or selling real estate.

How do I know what services I need?

Our goal is to reduce your stress as much as possible so our consultations and services are customized for your needs. Walking through the home together and discussing your needs, concerns or anxieties is the best place to start. Sometimes years of memories, hobbies and projects sneak up on us. We understand how overwhelming it can be and we want to be a part of that process from the beginning.

We work with the local Hoarding Coalition if there are ever concerns about health, safety or privacy issues from a client. We respect our clients spaces and communicate fully throughout any services to ensure their wishes are respected and they are never feeling pushed or forced to throw or get rid of items.

Our clients frequently share the worst part has always been making the decision to pick up the phone and call, and wishing they had called us for help sooner.

Who can use your services?

Anyone, regardless of where they are at in their life.  

We work with out of state family members needing an extra hand, retirees, downsizers, relocators, clients building new homes, transitioning between apartments, moving into senior living, overwhelmed families or busy professionals. There are times we simply get the ball rolling for you and help you create a map of your own to follow. There are no minimum amount of hours we require in our contract for our services. Our priority is being your first resource to call when you have questions about what to do next. 

How do you charge?

We have hourly rates available for organizing, sorting and packing services. We charge hourly per team member onsite to help. Our goal is to be efficient and respectful of your time and budget. We can get estimates for moves by request. If you are listing a home, we charge a commission set by our brokerage. If we are organizing and clearing out, we can recoup some of the costs of our services by selling items for you as well! We offer flexible financing options, as well as creative solutions to get you to where you need to be affordably.

We offer free estimates with our on site consultation. 

We are the only company locally that will offer the option to pay for packing, moving and cleaning services at the time of closing on your home if you are selling (some conditions apply).

I just have a lot of "stuff" I don't know what to do with, can you help?

Yes! If you need help sorting through a basement or storage unit, we can help. We have resources to assist with estate sales, garage sales, selling niche items on eBay or even selling on Facebook. We focus on finding new homes for items you no longer need but still cherish, such as local thrift stores or local non profits. We try to avoid the landfill as much as possible so if we have items we can share with families in need, the emergency food pantry or women's shelter, we will pack up and deliver those items on your behalf.

Still have questions? Reach out and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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